Cellar Relay Readme

Last Updated: November 21, 2023

cellar.nostr.wine - a long term pay per use storage relay for your vintage notes!


  • Most relays do not accept very old events

  • Some relays periodically purge old notes (NOT nostr.wine!)

  • Offline backups/private relays are not viewable by others

  • Fiatjaf told me to do it

How does it work?

  1. Add to your pubkey balance on https://cellar.nostr.wine

  2. Send notes to the relay using our import tool, any backup service, or any nostr client (no created_at limits)

  3. As our relay receives your notes it will charge your balance a pro rated annual fee per note (1 sat per note/year)

  4. Your notes are stored and indexed by the relay as well as automatically backed up and available for rapid export at anytime

  5. You will receive DM reminders when your balance starts getting low and when renewal fees are due

  6. Anyone can add wss://cellar.nostr.wine to their nostr client and query historical notes

Cellar automatically rejects the following event kinds: 4 (DM), 6 (Repost), 7 (Reaction), 1064 (File), 1984 (Reporting), 9735 (Zap), and all ephemeral events.

Authorized delete requests are always honored and never charged. Kind 0, 3, and 10002 events are stored without charge from paid users. Duplicates events will never be charged. 

Future improvement ideas:

  • Customized exports (choose which event kinds to include, timestamp filters, and file type options)

  • Individual user controlled kind allow-lists/created_at limits (e.g. only allow kind 1 events older than 1 year)

  • Browse the Cellar (Frontend to browse old events with a date picker. See what people were talking about on a specific day in history.)

  • Search the Cellar (NIP-50, our API, and Kibana)

  • Import tool that lets you export events from filter.nostr.wine to the Cellar

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