Welcome Relay Readme

wss://welcome.nostr.wine is a new free read-only relay that only aggregates events from new nostr users and displays them in the global/universe view.


  1. If a new kind 0/3 event is received on our aggregator from an unknown pubkey, that event is marked with a first seen timestamp.

  2. If that pubkey does not have any kind 1 events in our database that are older than 3 days, they are labeled as new users.

  3. New users are added to a write whitelist for welcome.nostr.wine for their first 3 kind 1 events or 72 hours, whichever comes first.

  4. Live events are continuously streamed from our aggregator to the welcome relay and only events from whitelisted pubkeys are stored.

This is an experimental relay and no guarantees are made.

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