Inbox Relay Readme

Last Updated: November 28, 2023

We’ve built a prototype “inbox” relay with limited read access. If you’re a client developer experimenting with giftwrapped events/private chats/DMs and want to test out please let me know and I can whitelist pubkeys for you.

Current relay design (seeking feedback):

  • if kind is 4,1059,9735, 23914, 65000, 65001 and pubkey is an active inbox user, we accept the event
- if kind is 1984 and pubkey is active inbox user, we automatically delete the reported event IF the pubkey reporting it is p-tagged in the reported event

  • Auto accept 23195, 24133, 27235

  • Auto accept kind 5 from authors

  • Anyone can write without auth as long as the p-tagged or d-tagged (kind 33194) user has an active inbox

  • All REQs require AUTH. Once AUTH is successful, user can only query events they authored or are p-tagged in. You CAN query for another author + your pubkey p-tag

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